Are you re-creating your past?

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Is this year drastically different then last year? Are you moving your life and loan origination business forward in giant leaps?  If not, as in everything in life it may be in the way you are thinking and definitely in the way you are planning.


Be careful of going back to what you once were instead of moving forward to what you have yet to become.


Like water, we have this incredible tendency to sub-consciously settle into the groove, the path, of least resistance. The only problem with this is that it only has one result, re-creating the past.


Many loan officers and realtors have been in the same place, same work, same expectations, and same challenges for so long that a groove is created in your life and business. A groove that steals passion and innovation one small piece at a time. We feel it sneak up on us like the cold at night. Slowly we find ourselves unchallenged and resting in this emotionless zone of the doing what we have always done. Years go by, decades sometimes, and nothing changes….burn out sets in.


We can wake up and make the change now, realizing that it’s never too late to be who you might have been . Or, we can settle in and wait until we are fired by our partners, forced out of the business, or no longer have the passion to even increase production. Only to look back, and realize the powerhouse we could have been, the changes we could have made in the world, or the dreams we could have realized for ourselves or our family.


The Cure is in the way you plan and therefore, the way you lead, there is really 4 options:


1. Make decisions based off looking where we have been and the Result = Re-create the past

2. Make decisions based off of looking at our present circumstances and the Result = Re-create the past

3. Make decisions based off looking to the future and the Result = Forecasting the future

4. Move your actions and life into the future and act now, how you want your future to be and the Result = Creating and Controlling your Destiny


The choice is ours to make everyday, rely on circumstances and the groove to guide us to the future or decide your own path now and move forward to where you have never yet been.  We have to let go of fearing the unknown, the things you haven’t seen yet, and lean into the unknown.


Beware the gravitational force that is always trying to pull you back to where you already were.


Walking into the wonderful unknown,


Jon Bohm

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