Most People Die At Age 25 But Are Not Buried Until Age 80.

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“Most people die at age 25 but are not buried until age 80”.

I recently came across this sobering insight.    It was quite timely as it became the topic of a short talk to about 75 people for a 2016 vision and kick-off breakfast.

The 2016 theme for our group is Care, Serve, Grow.  I gave a brief talk on these two themes, including how to best serve and how to grow as a person with a goal of living…  A goal of being “fully alive”.

To die inside at age 25 followed by eking out a mediocre existence is the height of waste and is a disservice the ourselves and our loved ones.

I believe that each of us has a streak of genius inside of us.  Part of our journey on this earth is to uncover this genius, refine it, master it, and figure out how to productively apply it in a way that allows us to build a healthy and fulfilling life.  Most importantly, I believe it is our duty to use our genius to help others that are along side of us as well as those that cross our path on this journey we call “life”.


Picasso has a quote that I absolutely love:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

What does it mean to be fully alive?   How do we avoid dying at age 25 like the majority of souls that take up residence in this spinning rock for the better part of a century?

There is deep irony to uncover and understand that using my genius, my gift to help others provides more internal fulfillment than anything I can ever do that is self focused.


LIFE begins on the edge of our comfort zone.

Are you brave enough to reinvent yourself?  Sometime the solutions are right in front of us if we have the courage to look and move out of our comfort zone.   In 2016, be brave, refine your natural gifts, and reinvent yourself.  Spend some time to work on understanding and refining your area of genius AND most importantly,  think about how you can give it away.

Like a candle light service on Christmas Eve, our efforts to touch the life of another can and will do more for you and them then you could ever possibly imaging.   Sometimes the person next to you may just need a spark from you to help them ignite.


My lesson and charge to myself in this new year is as follows:

  1. Move to the very edge-of-my-comfort-zone.
  2. Be brave enough to reinvent myself.
  3. Uncover, understand, and refine my unique gift and area of genius.
  4. Use my gift and area of genius to help others.

I hope you do the same…  This is where life begins.

-Mike Hardy

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