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November 2nd Symposium

CVAR - Glendora, CA
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Adaptation is the key to success in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. So what is it that makes you different? This class will teach you to effectively gain trust with your advisor partners, to add value to their business and enhance the future of your clientele.


  • Learn to create a unique financial advisor presentation
  • Develop real-life scenarios while receiving hands-on Mortgage Coach training
  • Also included is a 1-Year Mortgage Coach subscription, 1-on-1 Personal Follow Up sessions and CFP Certification Approval
After completing this program, you will:


  • Significantly increase referral business from Financial Advisors
  • Learn the true value of becoming a fiduciary in today’s environment
  • Understand how both traditional and reverse mortgage products become a part of the overall planning strategy

Don't be a Statistic

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All about YOU



Your PurposeA New DirectionYour Passion
We are dedicated to your success, which means we are dedicated to helping you discover who you really are at the deepest level and help you define your Vision for your life, nobody else’s Vision matters. We don’t write your story for you, we help you write your own script so you never become an actor in someone else’s play.  What do you want out of your life?  Together we will help you get it.
The mortgage industry is demanding and has a reputation of costing you your most valuable asset of your time.  We believe it’s time for the mortgage business to give you more time, more opportunity, and more enjoyment out of life.  The mortgage business is antiquated and it’s time for a new type of lending experience using new technology and a focus on efficiency to move you into a better, smarter, and less busy future with greater profitability and more time.
By working with us you are not hoping to make things a little better you are committing to changing your life and the lives of those you touch.  We believe life is short and it’s time to pursue your dreams with focus, passion, and intensity.  If not now-when? Action is the engine that makes dreams come true.  Not just because you were held accountable, but because you want to wake up and do the work to make your dreams real.




Our coaches are committed to changing your life and the lives of those you touch, not simply making minor efficiency tweaks to your business. We believe that life is short and it’s time to pursue your dreams with focus, passion, and intensity.

 The Process

The program is designed uniquely around you, there are no cookie cutter scripts. We will help you change your life, including your relationships, business, life and professional performance. There are no limits. Trust and commitment are our foundation and you will be amazed at what we can discover, design, and create together.

  Tools and Systems

We meet you with the tools, processes, training and systems you need at each level of success. Whether you are working alone, or with a team making a million a year, we will work towards the customized goals we establish. These goals may be to simply improve customer loyalty, or to double your business, but we’ll work together to make progress towards your goals and help you achieve better results.


This is not a program for everyone, and each coaching agreement is unique to the client. The greatest common goal among our clients is a desire to get the most out of the life we have. We work with our clients for at least a year, and have been working with some clients for more than 5 years.

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Workshops and Speaking


We are happy to provide custom workshops and keynote addresses for your team or organization.  We typically have workshops happening all over the southwest and throughout the US.  They are tailored to the needs of each audience.


Example of topics we typically speak on:


  • The Power of Vision
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Building a Power Team
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Improving Client Loyalty
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Technology in Lending
  • Transforming Culture
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Living a life of Purpose
  • Time Strategies
  • Market Messaging
  • Marketing in the Connected World
  • Many other topics available




We have had the honor of coaching hundreds of incredible people.  Here are a few samples of their experiences: 

Steve Miksta Full - Resized

“I have worked with Jon since 2010. Jon has helped me both personally and professionally. While working with him, he has developed me as a leader and allowed me to clarify my business objectives and where I wanted to take my business. With his help, our team increased our volume from $12.5M in 2009 to over $52M in 2012. Now continuing to work with Jon, I have shifted my focus to assisting VIP Mortgage Inc. in building a revolutionary mortgage platform that will impact many originators for years to come. Jon is amazing at what he does and is now impacting more and more originators every day by helping them build a similar plan to expand their business, improve their life, or whatever it is they are looking to do. I would highly recommend Jon and his talents and hope to continue working with him for many years to come.”


Steve Miksta
Senior VP of Sales Development
VIP Mortgage Inc.




“I have been working now in the mortgage business for about 11 yrs now. 2 yrs ago I had to make a decision to either stick with the mortgage business or go off and start a new career doing something different. The issue wasn’t that I wasn’t making enough money. The issue was I was working nonstop weekends and nights and thought there had to be a better easier healthy way to make the money I wanted to support myself and my family. So I decided to give this one last shot to see if I could make this career make sense. I was torn between getting coached by the Core or by Jon Bohm. After sitting with Jon for just an hour I knew that Jon was the person I need in my life to get me to the level I wanted to get too. In life you have tough decisions to make. Take a left turn or right turn. They can both lead you different paths and it is tough to figure out which is the right path. I definitely took the right path with Coach Jon. I have been coaching with Jon for about a year and a half now. My production this year is on track to double lasts years production. But the increase in production is only one of the many things that has changed in my life. Jon has taught me to run my loan career like a true business and to also live a rich full life. I don’t work weekends anymore and rarely works past 6pm during the week. I have a business that runs with or without me. I could not thank Jon enough for the changes he has made in my life and career.


Thanks for everything you do, coach Jon”


Kevin Barela
Sr. Loan Officer
VIP Mortgage Inc.


Stuart Crawford

“Simply put, Jon is a top notch professional and true master of his craft. Jon has been able to break through what I feel is the traditional stereotype of coaching, and offer a unique value and perspective that can tremendously affect one’s path. He has provided me with invaluable guidance that has facilitated my growth, both professionally and personally. By offering an authentic and sincere approach to coaching, he allows his clients the ability to be a true partner in the experience, fostering a relationship that ultimately turns into a great friendship.”


Stuart Crawford
Branch Manager
VIP Mortgage Inc.


Jim Sakrison Web

“Mike and Driven Coaching have pushed me to new heights.  His passion, insight and wisdom from many years in financial planning and mortgage banking have been tremendously helpful to me as I am growing my career as a loan officer.  I am confident that I will be able to be able to reach my short and long term goals, both personally and financially using the planning and strategies set forth from our sessions.  His questions and exercises are provocative and inspirational and have propelled me to live life to the fullest.  Through the proven methods and techniques of Mike’s coaching, I am gaining momentum to reach my peak potential and truly make the most out of each day. ” –


Jim Sakrison
Loan Officer
VIP Mortgage Inc.


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The Driven Lender is dedicated to true professionals within the mortgage industry. We’ve built and designed a system by combining decades of success within the lending industry with world-class performance coaching processes. These processes were developed while working with some of the most innovative companies in the world and extraordinary people in over 90 industries, including Fortune 100 executives and professional athletes. The system is supported by thousands of resources and cutting-edge technology and dedicated to helping the professional lender excel in the future.


Our exclusive coaches have extraordinary histories within the mortgage industry as loan officers and professional performance coaches to help YOU excel in life and leadership. To provide the latest technology and most efficient systems, The Driven Lender has exclusively partnered with V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

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